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Transport and forwarding company Russian Express Cargo works in the market of the international transportations since 2001. We have solid experience in the organization of transportations and offer the services on delivery, handling, insurance, storage, customs clearing of your cargo, as well as the perfect system which allows providing full complex of services on delivery.

The basic activity of our company – the organization of the international cargo transportations based on “Door to Door” principle. Our system meets all possible needs of the clients. We are ready to incur all the problems connected with delivery and customs clearance of any cargo, from any point of the world, using our own warehouses, vehicles and customs terminals. Full monitoring of your cargo moves is an indispensable condition of our work! At any moment you can receive on-line information on concerning your cargo.

Russian Express Cargo Company is engaged in transportations on all territory of Russia, Europe, Asia, and the USA. The basic part of cargoes goes through Baltic states and Belarus, depending on desire of our clients.

Company Russian Express Cargo makes international transportations of consolidated cargoes and full vehicles by means of auto transport, ships and airplanes. We offer the full spectrum of services connected with the organization of international and domestic shipping goods, and also other kinds of services necessary for fast and reliable process of transportation: consolidation on our warehouses, storage, preparing of documentation, insurance and customs registration of cargoes.

Our team consists of skilled and well-trained specialists having long-term experience in the sphere of forwarding service and the international logistics. Our employees will give consultation and will develop the optimal and favourable route of transportation, will provide the qualitative organization of transportation of cargo of any complexity.

Owing to high professionalism of the company, and individual approach to each client the company Russian Express Cargo provides an optimum combination of cost and quality for shipping goods.

The Russian Express Cargo Company is offering flexible system of discounts depending on volumes and regularity of transported cargoes.

Constructive dialogue with our clients, attention to their problems, operative decision-making, and informational openness are just some of the basic principles of our work.

Effective methods of management and the flexible tariff policy is the keystone to success in fulfilling your transportation plans.

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