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Railway transportation

Russian Express Cargo Company provides forwarding services concerning shipping goods by railway through the Baltic states to Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Belarus and other neighbouring countries.
This type of transportation is an economic one, so you have an opportunity to reduce transportation costs.
Russian Express Cargo Company closely cooperates with the largest commercial carriers on contractual and partner conditions making it possible to solve practically any transportation problems successfully.
All calculations are made according to the wishes of the Customer.
Employees of our company are constantly tracking the cargo.
Under your application we shall submit the cargo transporter directly to a warehouse of loading, we shall check loading, we shall seal up the cargo transporter, in case of need insure transportation and we shall send cargo in the set direction.

Advantages of RUSSIAN EXPRESS CARGO company:

- professionalism, operational experience, quality and reliability.
- marshalling and placing of rail cars and cargo transporters strictly according to requirements of the consignor;
- the constant monitoring of the disposition of rail cars and cargo transporters, operative informing of the client;
- flexible pricing policy.

All kinds of cargo authorized by the rules of transportations can be transported by railway.

The types of railway cars used by our company for carriages by rail:

Cargo transporters of 3 tons, 5 tons, 20 tons, 24 tons, 40 feet;
High cube
Box cars;
Flat cars;

Customs registration of consignments Customs registration of consignments
Cargo insurance Cargo insurance
Tracking of your cargoes Tracking of your cargoes



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